Home Sawa in Orosei

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room in apartament
3 bedrooms
6/9 beds

Located in the historical city center of the town a comfortable home with 2 floors and terrace on the roof.

On the first floor is located the library, where there is the mezzanine with double bed and toilette, two beds are located on the same floor in the studying room and the kitchen available for all the guests. On the second floor there are other two double bedrooms: one with private balcony and a single bed, the other one with private bathroom.

On the roof a large terrace for all the guests with the view on the town.

Terms of the rent

It's possible to rent the home or different rooms.

The prices may vary from the season and are intended for 2 guests, the price from the third guest is 10 € more.

Room - first floor: daily 45; weekly 300; monthly 1000
Room with balcony: daily 40; weekly 260; monthly 850
Room with private toilette: daily 45; weekly 300; monthly 1000

Room - first floor: daily 65; weekly 380; monthly 1300
Room with balcony: daily 60; weekly 350; monthly 1200
Room with private toilette: daily 65; weekly 380; monthly 1300

Daily 130/180 (depending on the season)
Weekly 700/800 (depending on the season)
Monthly 3000/3500 (depending on the season)

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The home is situated in the historical city center at walking distance to the main commodities.

There are also many additional services: find out on How to live!
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